International Forum on Automotive Lighting(IFAL)


机动车前照灯配光性能检测方法探讨 Measurement of Light Distribution of Headlamps

陈 聪 杨 静 李 倩

Cong Chen, Jing Yang, Qian Li Optoelectronics Institute of EVERFINE  China


摘要:介绍了国标中关于机动车前照灯配光性能的要求及意义。根据标准的要求,介绍了常用的几种配光性 能检测方法,着重阐述了实验室高精度测量的旋转灯具测试法和基于全屏幕成像法的在线智能测试系统。

Abstract:The light distribution of vehicle headlamps has been prescribed in the GB, the requirement and  meaning of which is explained. According to the requirement of GB, several common used test methods have been introduced, especially the lamp-rotating test, which is used in laboratory for high accuracy measurement, and also the intelligent

online test system, which is based on imaging of full  screen.