International Forum on Automotive Lighting(IFAL)


Control electronic concepts for lighting systems under environmental aspects

Stephan Berlitz, Dr. Wolfgang Huhn

Keywords: efficiency, electronic control, lighting assistance


Lighting in a car always implies increased consumption. The more efficient a technology and its drive electronic is, the higher is the leverage for    reductions.

Power consumption can not only be achieved by efficient lighting technologies as LEDs. Also new control electronic concepts in combination with adaptive lighting systems may help to increase the power requirement. Intelligent control of an adaptive low beam as an all-weather lighting will need less energy than an addi- tional  fog lamp.

Lead-free bulbs and circuits avoid unnecessary environmental contaminations, as same as mercury free xenon systems. In all cases the drive control needs at least a redesign.

New defiances as LED front lights and driving assistance systems are based on further developments of electronic light and will also be   explained.