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Glare Free High Beam for all markets

Glare Free High Beam for all markets:


B.Reiss, M.Courcier,Valeo Lighting Systems, France

In manycases, Glare Free High Beam systems are considered as being expensive and thencannot be deployed on large range of vehicle.

It isthrough that very high performances systems, combining several light engines orcomplicated movements will remain applied to a few luxury vehicles, but it isalso necessary to develop more affordable solutions in order to provide maximumsafety when driving at night to a maximum of vehicles. Of course thesesolutions should remain with very good performances and really improvevisibility distance of equipped vehicles, without glaring the other ones.

Existingsolutions can be divided in 2 main categories: with or without mechanicalmovements.

In thefirst categories, we will find solutions such as Multibeam, Sail Beam andDynamic Shadow. Upon customer demands, each one of these solution presentsadvantages and drawbacks which will be presented in the paper.

The secondcategory, which includes solutions around Matrix Beam will be also presentedwith emphasize on how to reduce the complexity of such system while keepinggood driving conditions for the driver and other road users. Comparative studyof different system configurations will be provided