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Low power and low cost solutions for LED Front Lighting

Low power and low cost solutions for LED FrontLighting


C.Chen, Valeo LightingSystems, Wuhan, China,

A.De Lamberterie,Valeo Lighting Systems, France

Thanks tosources compactness and modularity, LED front lighting usually providesenhanced signature, combined with low power consumption.

On theopposite, it is normally said that, due to the complexity, it can be veryexpensive, especially when considering large diffusion vehicles.

Thanks torecent developments in lighting technology, it is not anymore the case. Thereare now several solutions, scalable, which provide all features linked with LEDsources (style, reduced height, low power consumption, reliability), whilemaintaining reasonable over cost and limiting development times.

Some of thesesolutions are presented in this paper: standardized solutions for severalplatforms, scalable ones to be able to provide different performances uponrequirements, very compact ones for small vehicles or when designers want moreroom for other functions, standard and robust designs requiring only limitedadaptations from one vehicle to another one.  In most of cases, solutions are available withlens or reflector appearance, making them more attractive for designers.

There isone common denominator between these solutions: upon customer requirements,they can reach good performances level with less than 15 W consumption perside, which beside direct impact on vehicle CO2 emission, makes also bothcooling system and electronic driver more simple, reducing again theintegration cost into the vehicle