International Forum on Automotive Lighting(IFAL)


Interior Lighting revolution

How the interior designtrends will be redistributed thanks to new technologies ?

Author: PhilippeCazenave, Valeo Lighting Systems, Belgium

Interior lighting is starting arevolution. The actual market is mainly composed with classic interior lightingfunctions and technologies. Even in premium vehicle, we can find bulb lightingfunctions and the classic interior lighting functions (interior light, readinglight): Interior lighting was not developed till now as exterior lighting toprovide a real signature

But we findmore and more ambient lighting functions with light guide for example. It isthe first sign of new creativity inside the car. The carmakers want now tofocus on the interior of the vehicle.

The paper will present:

-  new opportunities for aspect for a renewal ofinterior lighting signature

-  new functionalities , made possible thanks tonew technologies (RGB LEDs, new HMI interface, creative optical system ).