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Future Halogen Bulbs ,Why LED technology is asking for new halogen bulbs ?

Future Halogen Bulbs

Why LED technology is asking for newhalogen bulbs ?

Dr.-Ing.Wolfgang Schiene


PhilipsAutomotive Lighting


Abstract—Though LED technologyis currently entering the automotive head lighting market at a high pace, halogenwill remain the dominant technology in the coming years. This means thathalogen bulbs will need to coexist for quite a while – either in the same carused for different lighting functions and/or in form of halogen basic and LEDupgrade version. The coexistence of traditional halogen light sources, which wereintroduced into the market decades ago, with state-of-the-art LED and headlighting technology is leading to conflicts that finally limit the design opportunitiesgiven by LED technology.

Onespecific example is the design trend enabled by LED technology towards morecompact, narrow and rectangular shaped headlamps. For those car models thatshould be offered with a halogen basic version and LED in the upgrade version,the maximal achievable performance of the basic halogen version is limiting thedesign freedom of the LED upgrade version.

Anotherproblem is the significant color temperature difference between LED and halogenlight sources leading to unwanted color mismatch and inhomogeneous frontlighting appearance.

Inthis paper, we will present bulb concepts that will help to solve the problemsdescribed above and thus will help to further support the penetration of modernLED technology in the automotive industry.


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