International Forum on Automotive Lighting(IFAL)


Laser MOEMS-Scanner in Automotive Applications


Institutefor Dynamic and Vibration Research

LeibnizUniversity of Hanover


BenjaminMeyer, Sebastian Thomschke

Displaysand Light



Abstract—Laser as a light sourcein automotive headlamps was introduced by several manufacturers during the pastyears. Due to higher luminance values, smaller sizes of a laser diode compared toLED and the general properties of a laser beam, smaller optical parts can beused to guide the light. Also, car design requirements led to smaller headlampsizes which will continue to decrease in future.  However the resolution of light distributionsincreases and enables higher variability in shaping the light. Nowadays MatrixBeam headlamps with 25 high beam LEDs in each headlamp that can be controlledindividually are state of the art. To fulfill the requirements of futureheadlamps with smaller size and higher resolution light distributions, newtechnologies in automotive lighting have to be considered. One of thesetechnologies is scanning. By quickly deflecting a beam of light using a movablemirror a certain area, depending on the tilt angles of the mirror axes, can beilluminated. With a synchronized control of mirror deflection and light source,arbitrary shapes of light can be realized. The application of laser lightsources in automotive headlamps allows the utilization of Micro-Opto-Electro-Mechanical-Systems (MOEMS)-Scanner. The paper gives a technical overview ofdifferent MOEMS-Scanner and their modes of operation. Besides it describes aconcept comprising an electrodynamic MOEMS-Scanner and laser as a light sourceto project arbitrary symbols and information in the dipped beam lightdistribution. Moreover a control concept for the applied MOEMS-Scanner ispresented.          

MOEMS;Scanner; Laser; Projection