International Forum on Automotive Lighting(IFAL)


Osram Smartrix Module Application in ADB System  

Yanxia Fu1, Maoke Zuo1, Hartmann,Andreas2

1OsramKunshan Display Optic., Co.,LTD; Kunshan, P.R.China

2OSRAM GmbH, Herbrechtingen Germany,,,

Abstract-Thereare lots of technologies input in new generation car, adaptive driving beam isgradually coming into people’s vision. In addition to optics, mechanical,thermal, ADB system integrate circuit and software control, it is lots ofinventor and engineer’s achievement. It can improve the observation distancefor driver, glare free to other road user. Use sensor system detect othervehicles, connect to image process and electronical control to automaticallycontrol the light distribution to provide comfortable lighting ahead. It willbe high quality life choice. This article will introduce some optical solutionsabout ADB system in today’s car, give some information about Smartrix module,which come from Osram Company, it will provide simple and smart design, let thecar has ADB system with short design time and homogenous beam pattern. Additionally,this paper will provide some feasibility application about ADB with Smartrixmodule, as an application reference.

Keywords-ADB; Smartrix; Pixel; homogenous