International Forum on Automotive Lighting(IFAL)


Headlamp photometric performance development and illumination rating system

Hengfei Zhao ,ZhengzhiJin, Jun Chen

GEELY Automobile Research Institute; Hangzhou,P.R.China

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Abstract—The paper discussed the developmentprocedure of headlamp photometric performance and the evaluation mothod of roadscene illumination. It has defined the development procedure of photometricperformance of headlamp.And also, according to safty and comfort of road sceneilluminationwe have researched the assessmentof illumination performance in term of road rangepedestrian detectionnearbyilluminationhomogeneousdazzle ,etc.Regulate the technical requirement,performance parameter and test method forroad scene illumination .It has formed the rating system for road sceneillumination of headlamp at last.It ensures that the headlamp meet theindustrical trend and customer’s requirement.

Keywords-component; headlampillumination performanceroadscenepedestrian detection