International Forum on Automotive Lighting(IFAL)


Research on LED headlamp thermal management

Li xiangbing,wang tan, wang quanbao

Technicalcenter, Dong feng Peugeot et citeroen Automobile company, Ltd, Wu han, Hubei,China


Abstract: thermalmanagement is always regarded as the bottle neck for the LED widespread in autolamp industry. By analyzing and comparison of the traditional way to realizeand their mechanism and also based on one project investigation that  provided by Dongfeng Peugeot et citroenautomobile company, it proved that the possible factors of  passive cooling,  such as surface of metal sheet, thickness,material etc have great impact on the better thermal dissipation. Additionally,a new way for thermal management by the plastic sheet, as a future replacementof metal sheet to realize thermal dissipation, shows that it has a betterperformance to realize the thermal management by simulation and also byphysical validation. The new way with plastic sheet will lay a solid foundationto ensure energy-efficiency and consumption reduction.

Keywords:  thermal management, passivecooling,   plastic cooling.