International Forum on Automotive Lighting(IFAL)


High luminance LED source for stylish frontlighting design

Meng Han1*,Peddada Rao2, Norbert Lesch3

1LumiledsChina*; Shanghai, P.R.China

2LumiledsUS*; San Jose, USA

3LumiledsGermany; Aachen, Germany


Abstract—High power LEDs were introducedin automotive headlights in 2006-2007, for example as full LED headlights inthe Audi R8 or low beam in Lexus.Since then, LED headlighting has becomeestablished in premium and volume automotive segments and beginning to enablenew compact form factors such as distributed low beam and new functions such asadaptive driving beam. New generations of highly versatile high power LEDs areemerging to meet these application needs. As the standards which govern thenecessary lumens on the road are well established, increasing luminance enablesnot only more design freedom but also headlight cost reduction with space andweight saving through more compact optics. In this paper, we will focus at asurface mount high luminance LED based on Wafer Level Packaging (WLP) thatenable revolutionary performance and styling. The ability to realize highluminance in combination with small light emitting area can enable a significantsize reduction of the optical system. To illustrate the application potentialsof the high luminance LEDs, we will show the results of a reflector-baseddistributed low beam using multiple individual cavities and a projection lowbeam module with only 20mm height.

Keywords: LED,Frontlighting, WLP, Luminance