International Forum on Automotive Lighting(IFAL)


2013 China Automotiv Lighting Forum V5.6

High-end Platform for Exchange and Cooperation amongIndustrial, Academic and Research

The First International Forum on Automotive Lighting (2013,China)

(March 8, 2013 V5.6version)

Topic: Technology Application, Quality Inspection

Date: June 19 (Wednesday)- 21 (Friday), 2013

Location: Doubletree by Hilton (Kunshan)


Division for Lighting andSignaling for Transport, China Illuminating Engineering Society

Institute for ElectricLight Source, Fudan University


Shanghai Koito AutomotiveLamp Co., Ltd.

Support Unit:

Shanghai Motor VehicleInspection Center

Philips (China) Investment Co., Ltd.

Executive organizer:

Beijing TongtaiInternational Exhibition Co., Ltd.

It is proposed to hold TheFirst International Forum on Automotive Lighting on June19(Wednesday)-21(Friday) 2013 in Shanghai. The forum will highlight theinternationalization, scientific research, application authority, innovationconcept and leading technology. Meanwhile, it intends to put forwardauthoritative opinions in design, application, quality testing and standards ofthe automotive lighting products. It will build a high end platform forexchange and cooperation among industrial, academic and research fields andtransaction of technologies and products between suppliers and demanders andensure that guests, experts, scientific research and automobile enterprises canmaximize their returns.

By that time, the domestic andforeign automotive lighting experts, automobile production enterprises,automotive lighting production enterprises, scientific research and testingunits will attend this forum and gather together to discuss the design ofautomotive lighting, technology application, the future trend of developmentand other major issues.

1.       Organization


Zhou Taiming

Professor from Institute for Electric  Light Source, Fudan University



Liang Rongqing

Head of Institute for Electric Light  Source, Fudan UniversityVice  President of CIES


Ad de Visser

Director of International  Commission on Illumination (CIE) Division 4 (Lighting and Signaling for  Transport)

Geoff Draper

Chairman of The International  Automotive Lighting and Light Signalling Expert Group (GTB)

Marcin Gorzkowski

Chairman of Working Party on  Lighting and Light Signaling (GRE)

Tran Quoc Khanh

Professor from Technische  Universität Darmstadt


Ao Jinlong

Director of Development  Department, Shanghai Koito Automotive Lamp Co., Ltd.

He Yuntang

Professor Level Senior Engineer  from China Automotive Technology & Research Center

Huang Zhongrong

Director from Shanghai Motor  Vehicle Inspection Center

Li Lin

Professor from Beijing Institute  of Technology

Li Zhaohui

Wuxi Meixin Opto Technology  Co.Ltd

Ling Ming

Professor Level Senior Engineer  from Shanghai Motor Vehicle Inspection Center

Lin Yandan

Associate Professor from Institute  for Electric Light Source, Fudan University

Vice Director of CIE Division 4

Liu Weimin

Engineer from HP Information  Technology Research & Development (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.

Sun Shijin

Professor from Psychology  Research Center, Fudan University

Sun Yaojie

Professor from Institute for Electric  Light Source, Fudan University

Organizing Committee

Director: Lin Yandan

Deputy director: Huang Zhongrong, Guo Zhaoji

Members: Zhang Shijun, Ao Jinlong, Han Meng,Qiu Jingjing, Xu Hongmei

Secretary: Zhang Jianlin

2.       Submission of paper:

The paper submissiondeadline: May 10, 2013. After the paper is submitted, the Committee of Expertswill organize to review the paper. The excellent paper will be selected as theoral report of this forum. All papers will be printed in the forum proceedings anda disk will be provided. The paper submission template is shown in Annex(Chinese template, template English).

3.      Discussion topics:

Status and trends ofleading-edge technology of domestic and foreign automotive lighting

Research on automotivelighting product specifications and standards

Automotive lighting andsafety driving

Advanced technology ofautomotive lighting light source and products and its application in variousvehicles.

Automotive lightingelectric control system and technical application

Automotive lightingmeasurement technology

Quality management ofautomotive lighting products

4.      Forum agenda



June 19(Wednesday)



June 20 (Thursday)


Opening ceremony. Foreign guests give the  speeches. The enterprises and the testing agencies give technical reports.

June 21(Friday)


Morning: forum technical report,  introduction of automotive lighting products

Discussion and interactive communication  with attendees

Afternoon: visit Shanghai Automobile Town

5.      Registration fees

Invited attendees,automobile production enterprises, scientific research institutions and testingorganizations are exempt from the registration fees;

Attendees from automotivelighting production enterprises and the product supply enterprise will becharged 1000 Yuan registration fees.

Other persons who applyfor participating this forum will be charged 500 Yuan registration fees.

The registration feesinclude costs for meals, materials and tour during the forum period.

6.       Address:

Doubletree by Hilton (Kunshan) Near toShanghai Auto Town

No. 2 Zhaofeng Road,Kunshan City (near Cao’an highway)  Telephone :(0512)57602222


1, By metro: takeShanghai metro line 11 to Anting station and walk toward the west for 300m.

2, By air: take taxi fromHongqiao airport to the destination.

3, By train: take taxifrom “KunShan Railway Station” to the destination.

4, By car: go alongCao’an highway to Kunshan Zhaofeng intersection.

7.       Contact:

Address: Room 4-1605, No.5 ChangchunqiaoRoad, Haidian District, Beijing

Post code: 100089
Tel.:010-82564069  Fax:010-82564070    

Responsible person: Zhang Jianlin 13901159016

Contact: Peng Yun 010-82564069 13611174367  

Forum proceedings   Paper submission: Zhang Jianlin ShenYang

ShanghaiAutomobile Museum

Address: No. 7565 Anting Boyuan Road, Shanghai  Zip code: 201805


Sales department: 021-69550007 Miss Zheng  Group ticket price: 50 Yuan/per for more than20 people  Individual ticket price:60Yuan/per

Self-driving route:

* Shanghai downtown --- Wuning Road--- Beijing-Shanghai high-speed (G2)railway---exit of Anting Automobile Town---Turning right at Boyuan Road
* Shanghai downtown --- External ring line(Or middle ring line)---Beijing-Shanghai high-speed (G2) railway---exit of Anting Automobile Town---Turningright at Boyuan Road
*Shanghai downtown --- Jinshajiang Road --- Boyuan Road

Public transportation:
* Lu An high-speed line (terminal station: Zhongtan Road, near to ZhongshanNorth Road): get off at Boyuan Road Station
* An Hong line (the city terminal station: Songhong Road subway station): getoff at Boyuan Road Station
* Rail transportation: get off at Anting station of the branch line of No. 11rail line and then walk 5 minutes

Attendees’ quota arrangement:



Competitive  industry leaders

10 persons

International  and domestic invited experts

8 persons

Representatives  of the automobile production enterprises

50 persons

Representatives  of automotive lighting companies

50 persons

Representatives  from the production testing equipment and design software enterprises

20 persons

Representatives  from the research institutes and testing organizations

50 persons

Representatives  from the relevant industry societies

10 persons

The automotive  industry press

10 persons


200 persons