International Forum on Automotive Lighting(IFAL)


IOC Strategy Meeting of IFAL 2021 Successfully held

On the afternoon of June 16, International Forum of Automotive Lighting (IFAL) held an International Organizational Committee (IOC) meeting to summarize the organization of IFAL in the past year, discuss and formulate the strategic direction of the 10th IFAL.

The meeting was presided over by Professor Lin, founder of IFAL. More than 30 domestic and foreign industry experts and elites attended the meeting, including Gao Fei, vice chairman of China Illuminating Engineering Society, Zhu Xiaoming, vice general manager of Shanghai Motor Vehicle Inspection Certification & Tech Innovation Center Co., Ltd (SMVIC) and director of SC21 of National Technical Committee of Auto Standardization(NTCAS), Dr. Rainer Neumann, chairman of GTB WG-RCNC, chairman of GTB WG-SVP, co-chairman of GTB strategy group, Dr. Wolfgang Huhn, Dr. Johannes Reschke from Audi automobile company, Dr. Geoff Draper, DVN expert and former chairman of GTB, MATHA, Paul Henri from Volvo company, Zheng Zhijun from SAIC Volkswagen, Professor Liu of Fudan University, Associate Professor Wei of Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Liu Shengjun from Huawei, Ao Jinlong from Huayu vision, Ke Guihua from Coboda, Hossein Nafari from Mande optical electronics, Qin Jiahua from Huazhong automotive Lighting, Li Xiangbing from Shenlong Automobile, Huang Xiaoqiang from Dominant, Wu Junfei from OSRAM, Wu Jiwu from Lingwei vision, Zhang Yunjun from Pulse Optics and Bu Weili, Secretary General of SC21 of NTCAS.

On behalf of the international organizing committee, Professor Lin summarized the relevant contents of the previous IFAL forum, introduced the preparations for the 2021 IFAL forum, summarized the work progress of the IFAL Management Committee, Advisory Committee, Science and Technology Committee and Executive Committee, and then focused on the achievements of IFAL at the meeting.

With the joint efforts of the IOC and all units, IFAL continued to grow and innovate from 2013 to 2021, trying to make more breakthroughs. It has gradually grown into a multi-functional and multi-dimensional industry & technology service platform through online and offline technology training with the using of Wechat Official and the, providing technical services for enterprises and is no longer confined to the form of exhibition. With the methods mentioned above, we are able to conduct a full range of information dissemination, including timely release of the latest information of the IFAL forum and technical articles and updating of the latest industry progress, etc., continuously expanding the popularity and influence of the IFAL forum.

In addition, with the increasing influence of IFAL, there are more contribution papers and oral reports, and the forum becomes more and more professional. IFAL has gradually become an important platform for idea exchange and cutting-edge technology discussion in the industry. From the 5th IFAL, it has formed a strategic cooperation with the domestic core journal Chin Illuminating Engineering Journal. Excellent papers are selected to be directly published in authoritative academic core journals, so that more scholars and technicians are able to understand the cutting-edge technology of automobile lighting.

Members of the IOC of 9th IFAL including Bart Terburg, Rainer Neumann, Christopher Weirich, Wolfgang Huhn and Bu Weili reviewed all the papers submitted, and selected five best papers, which would be published in the China Illuminating Engineering Journal with the consent of the authors.

The vision and mission of IFAL were reconfirmed by all international experts in this IOC meeting.

Vision: to build Asia's first international exchange platform for automotive lighting vision cutting-edge academic and technology.

Mission: to promote the academic and technological development of automotive lighting and vision.

Finally, the IOC had a heated discussion on the strategic positioning of IFAL and the theme and organization mode of the 10th IFAL, and put forward many fruitful suggestions.

The schedule time and the theme of the 10th IFAL in 2022 along with the time of abstract submission, thesis submission, registration, and the selection method of excellent thesis and best speech award will be officially released in the near future.

During the meeting, the participants took a group photo.

Every year, the IOC of IFAL determines the strategy of development and direction of next IFAL. The joint efforts of domestic and foreign experts are the main driving force, which lead IFAL to be a better one continuously.