International Forum on Automotive Lighting(IFAL)


SAE Standards Development to support Advanced Lighting Technologies in North America

Dr. Bart P. Terburg (Author)

Chairman, SAE Lighting Systems Group


275 West Main Street, Hillsboro, New Hampshire 03244, U.S.A.

AbstractThe SAE Lighting Systems Group takes an active role in supporting the adoption of Advanced Vehicle Lighting Technologies in North America. Within the group, the Regulatory Cooperation Task Force provides a forum to facilitate a technical dialogue between the SAE Lighting Systems Group and North American Government Agencies on vehicle lighting topics of mutual interest. Recent activities in this area will be reviewed, with a special focus on the development of an SAE Recommend Practice providing test procedures, performance requirements, design guidelines and installation guidelines for Adaptive Driving Beam Systems. An overview of other current standards development topics in the group will be given as well.

SAE, GTB, Regulations, Standards, Harmonization