International Forum on Automotive Lighting(IFAL)

 Abstract submission:Jun.15,2024;  Paper accepted informing:Jun.30,2024;  Full paper submission deadline:Aug.31,2024;  Presentation documents submissione:Aug.31,2024;  Please submit the above materials via e-mail to: (single email attachment is 20MB at maximum) 
   About IFAL

   In 2024, the China International Forum in Automotive Lighting (IFAL) is moving towards its 12th year. Since its birth in Fudan University in 2013, IFAL has evolved from an exchange meeting of academic and technological achievements between universities and the automotive lighting industry to a high-end technological innovation exchange platform for the advanced automotive manufacturing industry in line with international standards.
  The 12th China International Forum in Automotive Lighting Forum is scheduled to be held on October 16-18, 2024 in Shanghai. Here, we sincerely invite experts, scholars, entrepreneurs and colleagues from domestic and foreign industries such as car lighting, light source and semiconductor suppliers, display component companies, standardization and government management departments. Reserve your time and
join us at the grand forum with all IFAL members! Looking forward to your participance.

【2023 IFAL】Review Video
IFAL 2024
IFAL 2023
IFAL 2022
ISAL invitation notification:Dear ISAL Community,We are happy to inform you that the ticket shop for the upcoming ISAL 2023 is online. You can order your ticket here:
2023 IFAL第十一届中国国际汽车照明论坛顺利召开2023年6月14-16日由复旦大学电光源研究所、中国照明学会智能交通照明专业委员会、上海机动车检测认证技术研究中心有限公司、复旦临港产业化创新平台、智能汽车人机交互视听安全联盟、上海复诺视觉智能科技有限公司联合主办,北京通泰国际会展有限责任公司承办的“第十一届中国国际汽车照明论坛(2023 IFAL)”在上海顺利召开。论坛现场聚集了超过...
各位委员和有关单位:为进一步推进中国照明学会智能交通照明专业委员会的科研和标准化研究工作,经中国照明学会批准,定于2023年6月14日在上海召开智能交通照明专业委员会2023年年度工作会议。现将有关事项通知如下:一、会议时间及地点会议时间:2023年6月14日(星期三)13:30-17:30会议地点: 上海国际汽车城瑞立酒店(上海市嘉定区安亭镇博园路6966号)二、会议内容1.筹备参与本年度...
From October 12 to 14, 2022, the “10th International Forum of Automotive Lighting, China (2022 IFAL)” was successfully held in Shanghai, jointly sponsored by the Institute for Electric Light Source...
2022IFAL 2022全报道第十届中国国际汽车照明论坛顺利召开2022年10月12-14日由复旦大学电光源研究所、中国照明学会智能交通照明委员会、上海机动车检测认证技术研究中心有限公司、复旦临港产业化创新平台、智能汽车人机交互视听安全联盟联合主办的“第十届中国国际汽车照明论坛(IFAL2022)”在上海顺利召开。12日下午,IFAL国际组委会(IOC)召开了闭门战略会议,来自汽车行业的4...
Notice:The 10th IFAL will be postponed to October 12-14, 2022Dear distinguished guests,In view of the situation of the epidemic in Shanghai, it is with great regret that we have decided to postpone...

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