International Forum on Automotive Lighting, China (IFAL)

   About IFAL
IFAL, which aims to build a high-level platform for academic and industrial information exchanges, is beco-
ming the highest hall of academe and the best performance stage in the field of automotive lighting.

IFAL has attracted a great deal of participants, including vehicle lamp manufacturers, light source companies,

new material enterprises, equipment suppliers, testing organizations, research and development organizations,

lamp and vehicle designers, and mold development companies, to discuss the hot topics regarding automotive

lighting , new technology application, future development trends, standards and regulations setting. The aca-

demic nature and specialty has been highly praised by domestic and overseas experts and scholars.

The exhibition and the forum cover the whole industry chain of automotive lighting, ranging from automotive

lamp designing and developing to lamp and vehicle manufacturing. The forum welcomes every expert , enterp-

rise, standardization institution and government authority to this great event.

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